Course Title: Gender-Sensitive Value Chains
Course Dates: April 9 to May 4, 2018
Registration is CLOSED 
Registration Deadline: Jan. 26, 2018


The e-learning curriculum is organized in short and highly interactive modules.

All modules have been designed to be problem-centred and task-oriented, in accordance with the principles of adult learning theory.

The modules will use scenario-based exercises, in which learners will be presented with realistic situations and will have to take decisions by choosing among different options. Any decision taken by the learner will have consequences in terms of the situation proposed as well as immediate feedback in order to reflect on the situation and the decision made.

Scenario-based exercises will be combined with the following elements:

  • Presentations of organized information on key topics, to provide learners with the knowledge required to make the right decisions.
  • Case studies, i.e. significant cases related to the topic presented, which allow learners to be exposed to real situations and realize how the topic has been applied in the real world.
  • Job aids (such as checklists, templates, glossary) providing learners with just-in-time information and guidance.

The modular structure of the curriculum will allow learners to quickly select lessons and topics based on their specific interests and needs, easily retrieving tools, approaches and resources they might need in their daily work.